If you're reading this, you're probably wondering why you're not seeing any way to comment on about the content on nonlynnear. Well, every time I turn on the comments, I get flooded out by spambots of all kinds. Lots of offers and links to online casinos and shoes and jeans and penile implants and (faux) Rolex watches and so on. While I find some of the content-generated replies sort of amusing… they constitute possibly 2% of what I have to wade through. Definitely not worth it.

Anyway, if you're a legitimate reader and you really want to make a comment on any of my posts, please send your comment(s) to sistermatthews at yahoo dot com. (Please be sure to refer to the title of the specific blog post; putting the word "comment" in the subject line would also be helpful.) I will then turn on the comments for that entry and manually paste in your comment, reply to the comment if warranted, and then… turn off the comments again. There are probably some very fine technical solutions for dealing with all of the spam, but I'm not going to worry too much about this for the moment. If I start getting some significant number of comments via yahoo, I may opt for a better solution.

Thanks for your interest and feedback.