Per my previous entry (goodness, some 15+ months ago! oy!), I've been entering old receipts into Excel before tossing them, the idea being that they will help jog my memory about all of the events and details that I should have written down at the time, but rarely did. There are a few receipts that have, in fact, served this purpose, and others — well, OK, the vast majority — which will simply end up serving as testaments along the lines of "I was at this place on this date." (Or at least somebody in the family was there, likely me but possibly Mr Mo; I try not to worry about this too much. I'm the fanatical receipt-and-paper-keeper, after all.)

Anyway, I'm starting to look at the more global comings and goings aspect of receipt-keeping, which I have hereby christened "receipt-mapping." (I would like to think that this term is original with me, but somehow I imagine other people have come up with this before, even though all I've been seeing from searching on Teh Google are references to accounting software mapping for receipts, which is not the same thing. Breathe here.) This is an easier idea and process to deal with than trying to write out rich and eloquent blog entries about the "detail-jogger" receipts, though I expect to do that as well (frequently, in fact — such is my goal). At some point I will have to look around for an easy app that can deal with all this data in a graphically appealing way.

The impetus for this particular blog entry is looking through one of the spreadsheets for the "perfect" detail-jogger receipt with which to start my glorious renewed blogging effort. One receipt for early August 2007 sort of qualified — it's a receipt for a hotel ( stay in Trento, Italy, along Autostrada A22 just as the Italian Alps start to really live up to the name, en route to Munich where Mr Mo and Larry (his business partner) were working for AutoScout24 at the time. The hotel was kind of a dive, but there was a restaurant (of sorts) on the premises, and it was late enough in the day that pretty much anything was going to be acceptable. (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)

Now what I don't remember (and will take a bit of other digging to figure out) is if I did the drive alone, or with Eliza, or with Mr Mo (pretty sure I didn't do it with both Mr Mo and Youngest). I know that I did the Quinson-to-Munich-via-Italy drive at least twice, and did another similar drive with Mr Mo en route to Berlin not very long ago. I think that once I've finished entering (ha! ha!) and then sorting the entries by year, such questions will be somewhat easier to answer without having to resort to other means — such as asking Mr Mo or Youngest, who may remember, or who in the case of the former would have the business receipts handy — or handier.

(The fact that I have the Trento hotel receipt suggests that this was a solo drive or a drive with Eliza. I do know, however, from an entered receipt for entrance to the Munich Mineral Museum — entschuldigen Sie, 'Das Museum Reich der Kristalle' — a few days later, that this was a "going-to" trip, not a return trip. … And as I have utterly no recollection of a return drive, I'm guessing I ended up driving Larry's car and leaving it there, and then flying back sometime later — after, now as I think of it, after I drove over to Walldorf (near Heidelberg) to interview at SAP. Would I have done so in Larry's car? Hmm. More mysteries to solve! — Indeed, no end of mysteries to solve.)

So! To the mapmobile, as it were. Bis bald…

UPDATE: Looking at the Hotel Vela's website, it's clear from the per-person price list that two of us stayed there.