First published in Mormon Women's Forum, vol. 3 no. 2 (1992)

It is not the Father's lack of any human virtue, but rather our culture's disvaluing of things female/feminine which makes a male-only God insufficient. God the Father is a perfect, whole person, encompassing all good traits. He does indeed nurture us, and that nurturing is well within the scope of his power and personality. But our culture has divided by gender and placed value on certain shared human characteristics. This so-called “male-female” dichotomy permeates our philosophies, our language and, ultimately, how we perceive ourselves and others. Whether it's “mind over matter,” “spirit over flesh,” “reason vs. intuition,” “rational vs. affective,” our culture has divided these paired concepts of human attributes and placed them into “male" and “female" camps. And nearly always, “masculine” attributes have been held in higher esteem than “feminine” attributes.

So long as our view of our Heavenly Parents is colored and slanted by our telestial culture's gender-based dichotomizing of human personality, we cannot perceive of both of Them as They are: perfect human beings, co-equal, possessed of the same traits in perfect degree, endowed with power and majesty in equal degree. As we now perceive Her, with our own attitudes influenced by our cultural, social, and linguistic heritage about the relative superiority and inferiority of male and female, our Mother is as nameless, faceless, and as powerless as mortal women. Only knowledge of and from the Mother will put an end to this false image.

Further, there is much evidence to support the idea that the blinders and biases of patriarchal culture have made and continue to make it virtually impossible for us to discern our Mother working in tandem with our Father on our behalf throughout history. Our scriptures and current LDS discourse reflect these same patriarchal blinders and biases.

The restoration of all things, still in progress, will include the restoration of the knowledge of our Mother's rightful place in our understanding and worship of God. In short, I believe God is and will ultimately be revealed to be bom our Father and our Mother, not one without the other. That, to me, is the only conclusion of the doctrine of eternal progression which logically explains and takes into account the individual capacities and desires of all human beings, whether male or female.